Beach Bus

The San Teodoro Beach Bus is the first and only shuttle bus that connects San Teodoro center with the beaches of La Cinta, Lu Impostu, Cala Brandinchi and the complex of Porto Coda Cavallo (with its neighboring beaches of Salina Bamba and Cala Suaraccia / Le Butterflies) and vice versa.

The service is operational every day (including holidays) from 1 June to 30 September.


The timetables of the 2019 Beach Bus are designed to guarantee you the opportunity to spend your day on the main beaches of San Teodoro and the town center. The Beach Bus takes a circular route, from about 9 to 20, divided into six runs, three in the morning and three in the afternoon. (Download beach bus 2019 timetables in pdf) 


Stops are expected near beaches, accommodation facilities, tourist villages and along the main streets of the town (via Sardegna, Via Gramsci, Via Nazionale mainly). The stops are also identified with road markings (yellow BUS on asphalt). If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.


Rates, season tickets and free tickets

The San Teodoro Beach Bus is the most economical and convenient way to get around San Teodoro in complete freedom, even in the evening. Children under the age of 10 travel for free (with identification) and even small pets, if they are on a leash and muzzled. Very convenient subscriptions are also provided.

Rates 2019 per person

Single ticket (urban route) = € 2.00

Single ticket (all the way) = € 3.00

Daily ticket = € 5.00.

With the day ticket go up and down whenever you want throughout the day!


4 days subscription = € 15.00

7 days subscription = € 25.00

The subscription can also be used in non-continuous days.


Children <10 years (not completed) free;

Small pets free, if muzzled and taken on a leash.

Where to buy tickets and passes

You can buy 2019 tickets and season tickets directly on board and without surcharge.

  • Cala Brandinchi
    Cala Brandinchi
  • Cala Suaraccia
    Cala Suaraccia
  • San Teodoro Centro
    San Teodoro Centro
  • La Cinta
    La Cinta
  • Lu Impostu
    Lu Impostu
  • Salina Bamba
    Salina Bamba